Register a Lacy Dog or Litter of Lacy Puppies

Thank you for your interest in the national lacy dog registry – for owners and breeders of working purebred true blue lacy dogs.

How to Register a Lacy Dog

If your Lacy has a puppy certificate issued by the NLDR, simply fill it out and mail it in with the required fee. If your Lacy’s litter was not registered by the NLDR, follow these steps to apply for full registration.

1. Complete the NLDR Application for Registration and working dog evaluation.

2. The dog must be at least one year of age.

3. Obtain your dog’s pedigree (photocopy or handwritten pedigree accepted)

4. Take 4 color photographs. One photo should be taken of each side and one from the front and one picture for bite evaluation. Gently lift the dog's lips, exposing the canine and molars.

5. Mail or E-mail the application, accompanying documentation and payment to the NLDR. Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and Paypal are accepted.

Most applications are processed and mailed out in 2 to 3 days.

An NLDR certified pedigree includes the following:

‣ Embossed seal certifies that your dog’s pedigree has been compiled from the official NLDR stud book records and is an authentic NLDR document.

‣ Laminated heavy stock paper suitable for framing.

‣ 5 generation pedigree is standard
Indicates all titles, certifications, and awards

Fees: $20
Kennel rates available
Replace lost Certificate: $15

How to Register a Litter

If both the sire and the dam are registered with the NLDR, breeders can submit a Litter Registration Form.

Once the NLDR receives a completed Litter Registration Form and ancestry is verified, Puppy Certificates (pup papers) will be mailed back to the breeder. The litter owner will pass one application per pup to the new puppy owner.

When a new owner returns a Puppy Certificate to the NLDR, they will receive a Registration Certificate, print out of the puppy’s pedigree and NLDR number. When the puppy has reached 12 months of age, the owner can apply for Breed Quality Certification. A BQ certificate and number certifies that your lacy is free from disqualifying faults.

In order to permanently register a lacy dog with the NLDR, the new puppy owner needs to complete the form and send it in to the NLDR to establish permanent registration in their name. Otherwise, the puppies are still considered to be in the seller’s name.

Fees: $20 per litter

In house rush: $30 per litter. Papers will be processed within 48 hours and shipped via USPS Priority mail.

Registration on Merit

Since the NLDR is a working dog registry, we have allowed some dogs lacking complete pedigree information to be registered. These are healthy dogs that meet the breed standard and possess exceptional working ability. The litters of these dogs must be inspected.


All of these conditions must be met:
Submit all that is known about the lineage of the dog.

An inspection by a board licensed veterinarian, indicating the dog is healthy and free / clear of inheritable diseases.

Submit completed inspection form, working dog evaluation and required photos.

Pictures or video of the dog working.

The owner of the dog requesting registration on merit must be a member in good standing of the National Lacy Dog Association.

Breed Quality Certification

Breed Quality Certification guarantees that a purebred lacy dog is free from disqualifying faults and demonstrates working ability.

This is a special designation by the National Lacy Dog Registry for dogs that have been inspected and determined to be exceptional representatives of the Lacy breed.

To receive this certification, a dog must be 12 months old or older and meet the Lacy Dog standard as set forth by the NLDA. An inspection must be done by an approved inspector, or in the case of prohibitive distance, a licensed veterinarian. Three pictures of the dog are required – one head on and a shot of each side. A completed inspection form, pedigree and pictures should be mailed or emailed together.

Upon receipt of the single dog registration form, working evaluation, pedigree and pictures, the NLDR will review the information and, upon approval, issue a BQ Certificate.

People who own spayed/neutered Lacy Dogs can apply for Breed Quality Certification if they would like. The process for approval is the same as that for breeding stock.

Fees: $20
Kennel rates available
Replace lost Certificate: $15

All Forms and Fees


Application for Registration
Application for Breed Quality Certification
Application to Register a Litter
Change of Ownership Form

All Fees

‣ Single dog registration + Pedigree: $20

‣ Breed Quality Certificate + Pedigree: $15 for Lacy Dog with puppy papers from the NLDR. All other dogs $20.

‣ Litter Registration + Puppy Packet: $20 (add $10 for Priority or Overnight delivery)

‣ Change of Ownership + Pedigree: $15

‣ Replace a Certificate + Pedigree: $15

‣ Revoke Limited Registration Status & Reissue Certificate: $15